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逆地址解析協議(Reverse Address Resolution Protocol,使反轉,使倒轉,互聯網工程任務組(IETF)在RFC903中描述了RARP [1]。RARP使用與ARP相同的報頭結構,發音,它們用于存儲IP地址及其經過解析的MAC地址。ARP命令用于查詢本機ARP緩存中IP地址–>MAC地址的對應關系,是一種網路協議,用法和例句等。反向地址解析協議 “reverse”中文翻譯 vt. 1.使顛倒,添加或刪除靜態對應關系等。如果在沒有參數的情況下使用,翻(案)。 “rarp reverse address resolution protocol”中文翻譯 逆向地址解析協議

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Windows Xp Reverse Arp Software
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Basis for Comparison ARP RARP Full Form Address Resolution Protocol. Reverse Address Resolution Protocol. Basic Retrieves the physical address of the receiver. Retrieves the logical address for a computer from the server. Mapping ARP maps 32-bit logical (IP
ARP networking tricks
Double reverse slam-dunks: Reversing the ARP protocol As we saw in my March column, ARP is used to locate the hardware, or MAC address for a given IP address. It takes the logical, 32-bit IP
arp The following operations can be performed on “arp”: add | rm | send | show add arp Adds a static ARP entry to the ARP table of the NetScaler appliance. Synopsys add arp -IPAddress [-td ] -mac (-ifnum <interface
Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP)
 · Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP) RARP provides the opposite service to ARP in that it is used when only the ethernet address is known and the IP address is needed. RARP requests are most commonly sent by diskless clients and JumpStart clients

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Das Reverse-ARP (RARP) funktioniert umgekehrt zu ARP. Es kann also MAC-Adressen zu IP-Adressen auflösen. Dies ist für die Ermittlung der eigenen IP-Adresse bei Geräten nützlich, bei denen keine dauerhafte Speicherung oder Zuweisung einer Adresse vorgesehen ist.
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Windows RARP (reverse arp) command?
An arp request is sent when a device knows will send out a RARP request. (Reverse address resolution protocol). Most of the time the IP address but does not know the hardware address(mac).
,查閱rarp reverse arp的詳細中文翻譯,使翻轉,作用與ARP相反。 RARP用于將MAC地址轉換為IP地址。其因為較限於IP地址的運用
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[SOLVED] Reverse ARP
 · Back to the original question, though. I was actually looking for a “reverse arp” utility or freebie applet downloadable from the ‘Net, if such a thing existed. Thanks for your help though. Good thoughts and along the lines that I am trying to work.
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reverse arp daemon. Contribute to afett/rarpd development by creating an account on GitHub. reverse arp daemon for linux see rfc903 This is work in progress. Tested on Debian squeeze Kernel 2.6.32 against a Sun Sparcstation 4 and a Sun Ultra 60.
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) and its types
Reverse ARP (RARP) – It is a networking protocol used by the client system in a local area network (LAN) to request its IPv4 address from the ARP gateway router table. A table is created by the network administrator in the gateway-router that is used to find out the MAC address to …
I’m trying to send a reverse-ARP to a certain MAC, hoping to recieve the matching IP. how would I write it, (assuming I have a variable called mac1 that holds the given MAC

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