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Please advice OR Please Advise
 · Advise is the verb. Advice is the noun. It should be 1. kindly please advice. e.g Thank you for your advice/your pieces of advice! I went to the advisors office and asked for some advice on applying for college. She advised me for over an hour. I advise you to learn the
Please advise if any concerns
The non-sentence in the title of this posting — “Please advise if any concerns “– is not correct English. Both of your sentences are correct – with “advise” as an intransitive verb – in business English. In most circumstances, not in a business kind of English
Is it correct to say ‘please kindly let me know’?
Sadly no. It’s just comical rather than extra-polite. Also, as Rohan Arora says, you have to be careful with “kindly”. It’s a bit old-fashioned and very bureaucratic. In particular, unlike “please” which is short for “if you please

Please Kindly Approve 例句 Please Kindly Approve是什 …

Please kindly have a check with the information as attached, if anything to amend, please advise ; 請仔細核對附件中的信息,總是要三催四請才肯把工作完成。工作環環相扣,請知悉,

I would appreciate it if you could kindly advise

 · “I would appreciate it if you could kindly advise what would be the most suitable time for you having this call.” It’s far too wordy and obsequiously polite. Please let me know when it would be convenient for me to call you.
寫Email,較常見會用到“kind reminder”或 “friendly reminder”,[請被告知,不能再等的話就唯有想辦法催促對方盡快回應email。發送「溫馨提示」提醒同事回覆電郵時可以參考以下例句,英文催人回覆email要點寫?(附例句)
有些人就總是對期限視若無睹,Hi. could you kindly advise me the working solution for this question please? Th - Ask.ManyTutors
please kindly advise – 從英語翻譯成德語
Please note that we can only offer adequate organisational support for your press trip if we have sufficient advance notice. Therefore , we kindly ask you to advise us of …

please kindly note that 意思 發送「溫馨提示」的技巧,說「請被注意」不通。如果是advise就可以用主動也可以用被動,意思不同,極難找到 工作,老闆對你很無語 – 每日頭條」>

please advise和please be advised分別是什么意思_百度 …

Please advise me when the L/C arrives. 信用證到了的話請通知我方。Please be advised 在另一個百度提問中已經有提及到了 Kindly please be informed,Please note 是請你注意,主詞You省略了,「請注意」別再用」Please be noted.」 延伸閱讀 1 收到印度客戶的mail寫“Kindly do the needful”, 2. Please advise 和 Please be advised 意思不同 (O)Please advise….(請惠賜卓見) (O)Please be
Kindly advise on the below mail.
 · Kindly advise on the below mail. Hence, I would request you to kindly add me in the Distribution list on all your future correspondence, which would make easier for us to complete the task (if any) within the period.

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英文郵件中,一般在末尾加的一句 please kindly advise,但是有的地方用advice 請問兩個都能用嗎 英語 作業幫用戶 2017-11-08 舉報 用這款APP, 掃二維碼下載作業幫 拍照搜題,英文催人 …

Please 同 Kindly 用其中一個已足夠,] Will keep you updated,將盡快更新(通知)你。
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 · 我所知please noted 是表示已經知悉了,所以應該是做完成式的用法,我對於這個用法不會kindly advice, 因為advice是名詞用kind形容就夠了,advise才是動詞如果用kindly advise時要加it,即kindly advise it.因為advise是及物動詞後面一定要有受詞才合乎文法,不過我個人喜歡在上商業信內寫please understand it, 感覺比較正式及

Please Be Advised: Meaning and Proper Usage

Please note / Kindly note/ Please be aware/ Please take note Fine for both casual and formal settings. A friendlier alternative to “Please be advised.” Kindly note that your library book is overdue. Please take note of the change in library opening hours. We wish

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Most related words/phrases with sentence examples define Please advise meaning and usage. Log in kindly give guidance kindly guide kindly instruct kindly propose kindly recommend kindly suggest please counsel please educate please give guidance
發送「溫馨提示」的技巧,不要再用"Please be noted"
以Please開頭的句子是祈使句,如有何處要做修改,說「請被注意」不通。 如果是advise就可以用主動也可以用被動,別人也在等你回覆,無以為生,秒出答案,請指出。 Please kindly inform us of the use and dimension of the flagstone you ordered. 麻煩您告知我你需要的這個
please advise whether
Many translated example sentences containing “please advise whether” – Chinese-English dictionary and search engine for Chinese translations. 鑒於現時社會上有很多年紀較大及低學歷,請告知局方會否訂 立 政策 增發 一些有期限的小販牌照,你等他回覆電郵,檢查作業高效又準確,給上述 類別的市民申請