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Kettenkrad NSU, Type HK101, 1945 – The Heritage Group

FOR SALE Kettenkrad NSU, Type HK101, 1945 In pristine condition and roadworthy. With original German vehicle papers. Sold with 2 spare sets of new track pads. New 6 …

SdKfz 2 kleines Kettenkraftrad (Kettenkrad)

 · The vehicle was a small, three-man design incorporating the frontal portion of a motorcycle fro steering with a customized rear passenger section built upon a tracked wheeled arrangement. The Kettenkrad was, therefore, a small unarmored half-track vehicle, a complement to the larger, full-sized breeds utilized by the German Army, and its uses ultimately proved many for the German military.
Built Trident German WWII Kettenkrad – HO Scale
Item Description Built Trident German WWII Kettenkrad – HO Scale This model is sold as-is/used. Pictures provide all details of model including condition of model, parts included, parts possibly missing etc. This item will be well packed for shipping, but given the
Kettenkrad For Sale – Own a Motorcycle Half Track
Feb 17, 2014 – Here’s something you will rarely see, a genuine WWII Kettenkrad up for sale! These motorcycle half tracks were produced by NSU in the second world war and
1943 NSU Kettenkrad
This specific NSU Kettenkrad was completely restored 7 years ago. The front wheel is a replica by Lehar, and the bike has only been used for shows in Europe. Possibly the coolest thing is the reproduction (also by Lehar) of the trailer that was a factory option.
Ww2 Trailer For Sale
Kettenkrad W/ Metal Trailer Did Corp Ww2 German Military 1/6 Winter-camouflage $229.95 Husky Trailer Husky Trailer Hitch For 1985-2010 Ford Ranger – Body Frame Gf $217.13 Warner Trailer
opel gearbox
For sale is a extremely rare 1/6 Dragon Prebuilt Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkrad. This is highly detailed and well painted model of style famous German Kettenkrad. It is compatible with all 1/6 scale action figures.
Rare military vehicle back on the road
It was built by NSU and powered by an Opel four-cylinder petrol engine. It has three forward, one reverse gear and high and low ratios. It can top 70kmh on the open road. But Hopkins says that as


The new generations of machines were known as Model 500’s, and the wide track models known as the Model 600’s Your information on the Playcats is not correct either! They were built in Drummondville, Quebec and were much a copy of the original PPT’s, except they used aluminum bodies and pneumatic tires on their bogey wheels.

Unimog and German / Austrian / Swiss Military Vehicles

Classified ad section has trucks for sale including 404s. Brutus’ Unimog discusses his own ’62 Unimog-S 404.114 ex Swiss Army Truck and provides links and other useful pointers. Also includes the invaluable Unimog Mailing List Search Page that allows you to rapidly locate the information you need from the archives of several popular ‘Mog lists.

german halftrack for sale

This is a Custom World War 2 inspired Halftrack. If you wish new paint in each camouflage possible. For sale; Restorations. $199.00. 10 15 2 cm flakvierling 30 on SdKfz 10/4 Sd.Kfz. White Motor Company, M2 halftrack, M3 halftrack, M3 Personnel Carrier

DID251CW-BUILT DiD 1/6 Fully Built & Painted …

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NSU Kettenkrad HK101 – Příspěvky
FOR SALE! Since 1977 in the Netherlands. Originally found in a barn in France. Original body. No repro parts. Original ID plate present and a photoalbum of the find and built of this kettenkrad. Hard to find with such good original metal as this one. Price on
1945 Kettenkrad on eBay
 · Something I found on eBay: an ‘original’ 1945 Kettenkrad. This is for sale for a very affordable $146000, and is located in South Africa. ORIGINAL WW2 GERMAN KETTENKRAD NSU HK101, 1945 | eBay As a side note, did they even make these things in 1945
Ariels sold for German Kettenkrad bike
A British motorcycle collector is selling his 30-year collection of 30 unrestored Ariels to fund his other passion for the German World War II Kettenkrad (pictured). Clive Pearson, 68, wants to locate and restore a German Kettenkrad war motorcycle (pictured above) which he has restored in the past.

Pin on Kettenkrad

Nov 16, 2017 – The SdKfz 2, better known as the Kleines Kettenkraftrad HK 101 or Kettenkrad for short (Ketten = chain/tracks, krad = military abbreviation of the German word Kraftrad, the administrative German term for motorcycle), started its life as a light