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Unit Testing for Entity Framework
Sentry for Entity Framework Getting Started Ignoring Exceptions Unit Testing Configuration Basic Options Releases & Health Environments Filtering Shutdown and Draining Sampling Usage Set the Level Performance Monitoring Set Up Custom Instrumentation

Using Entity Framework Core in-memory database for …

ASP.NET Core applications can be tested with different testing frameworks and Entity Framework Core makes testing specially easy by removing different technical problems from our way by using in-memory data provider. This blog posts shows how to unit test controllers that use data from Entity Framework Core.

How to unit-test transactions in Entity Framework Core?

entity-framework-core in-memory-database sqlite transactions unit-testing Question I have a method that does some work in a transaction:
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entity-framework documentation: 4- Entity Framework @ Unit Test Layer Example In Unit Test layer we usually test the Business Layer functionalities. And in order to do this, we will remove the Data Layer (Entity Framework) dependencies.
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unit testing with effort for entity framework 6 with computed values Using effort EF6 with code first does not populate computed values. I have a datetime field (FechaCreacion) that is computed. How can I emulate it in Effort, so It is populated with DateTime.Now
Entity Framework 4.0 Unit Testing
Entity Framework 4.0 Unit Testing advertisements I’ve implemented unit testing along the lines of this article with a fake object context and IObjectSet with POCO in EF4.

Integration Testing with Entity Framework Core and …

 · Entity Framework Core makes it easy to write tests that execute against an in-memory store. Using an in-memory store is convenient since we don’t need to worry about setting up a relational database. It also ensures our unit tests run quickly so we aren’t left

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Unit tests are fine and dandy, but if you persist your data in database, persistence code must be tested as well. Some possible bugs will never be picked up only by unit tests. One of the issues I’ve been burned by is entity validation, another is a missing foreign key relationship.

Generic Repository and Unit of Work Pattern, Entity …

 · Generic Repository and Unit of Work Pattern, Entity Framework, Unit Testing, Autofac IoC Container and ASP.NET MVC [Part 4] By Brij Mohan This is the summary post of the series.
Question: HasNoKey and unit testing
Ask questions Question: HasNoKey and unit testing With the move from DbQuery to DbSet and a call to HasNoKey for a view in MVC Core what is the expected pattern for seeding data for unit testing? If I call the Add method on my DbSet object it fails Unable to track an instance of type xxx because it does not have a primary key.

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 · Implementing and testing Repository Pattern using Entity Framework – How to Code .NET – […] on April 16, 2018by admin submitted by /u/RubiksCodeNMZ [link] [comments] No comments […] Dew Drop – April 17, 2018 (#2705) – Morning Dew
Unit Testing Entity Framework
Der beste Weg zum Testen einer Repository-Schicht mit EF4 Unit-Testing, asp.net-mvc-3, Entity-Framework-4, Repository, moq Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Linq zu SQL-Klasse und Entity Framework [Duplizieren] – Linq-zu-SQL, Entity-Framework
Unit Testing Entity Framework
Muhammad Mosa prepared a presentation on examples for unit testing EF apps. Entity framework has been considered hard to test, but Muhammad shows how to do it easily with Typemock Isolator.

Entity Framework FAQ: Unit Testing

[[articles:Entity Framework FAQ|Back to EF FAQs Table of Contents]] What are some resources related to unit testing with the Entity Framework? For examples of the testability improvements in Entity Framework 4, see the following posts: Testability and Entity
Properly testing Entity-Framework with Effort
 · Without further ado, let me take you through the process of getting Entity-Framework in a testable state. Setting up the solution Create a new solution with a class library (“Database”) and a unit test project. The former will be where we talk to the database and

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For the unit testing framework, we are using xUnitand NSubstitute. Check the complete API and unit testing solutions in our repo here. Creating PUT logic To update database, we are going to use EntityState. To make this testable, we will create a Add it to the